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It’s wonderful to be able to step out of the back door and have fishing immediately accessible. It’s a real family event. Some like to sit and watch, others like to relax around the pool and some of us like to fish!

The killer bait is live shrimp. The killer times are in the first couple of hours of daylight, and a couple of hours before sunset. Often accompanied with a coffee, beer, wine or cocktail!

Our favorite method is a bobber, set at the depth of the water (which fluctuates depending on the tides) and a split shot weight half way between the bobber and hook. The fish are virtually under your feet. There is no need to go more than one rod length out, and my favorite spot is dropping the bait by the mangrove tree that hangs in the water to the left of the dock.

And even on the rare occasions we catch nothing, just being there takes the stress out of everything! 

The Dock at Bateman’s: Amenities
The Dock at Bateman’s: Gallery
The Dock at Bateman’s: Welcome

One of our favorite past-times is sitting on the living room balcony watching the fish - either with a coffee in the morning watching them jump, or with something stronger after sunset watching monster snook in the green lights......and if you’re really keen get the fishing rods out to try your luck!

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